About us

About us

We started Perth Supercar Hire to spread the love and passion of these gorgeous machines. Our vision is to inspire the next generation and help fulfil lifelong dreams of having a ride in an exotic sports car. We offer a wide variety of supercars, sports cars, luxury passenger vehicles as well as track vehicles. Contact us today so we can help make your dream ride a reality!

What to expect for joyrides

For most Birthday Joy rides and special occasions, we will meet you somewhere central to Perth. Leederville, Kings Park, South Perth and the likes. Example: We will meet you in a designated area where the car will be parked waiting for you to surprise the special person. We will then meet and greet you and take all the photos you like. After that, we will take your special person for the ride of their life. We have a lot of well mapped out routes to ensure they enjoy all aspects of their thrill ride. Once we arrive back you are welcome to take more photos to capture all the excitement over their face.

Authorization number: 1004867

What we offer

School Balls
Joy Rides
Photo & Video Shoots
Point to Point Transfers
Airport Pick Up & Drop Off
Chauffeured Services
Self Drive