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We started Perth Supercar Hire to spread the love and passion of these gorgeous machines. Our vision is to inspire the next generation and help fulfil lifelong dreams of having a ride in an exotic sports car. We offer a wide variety of supercars, sports cars, luxury passenger vehicles as well as track vehicles.

Working with children accredited

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The Collection

At Perth Super Car Hire our team ensures that every car is expertly driven, maintaining the highest standards of performance and quality. For those seeking an immersive driving experience, our Self Drive category offers a handpicked selection of cars that customers can drive themselves.

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Packaging & Pricing

Fun Series
Costs are displayed on each car
  • Ford Mustangs
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Holden Torana
  • Dodge Charger
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Mercedes-Benz E250
Luxury Series
Costs are displayed on each car
  • Audi R8 / RS Q8
  • Aston Martin
  • Ferrari 360 / 458
  • McLaren MP4 / 570S / 650S / 720S
  • Lamborghini Urus / Huracan
  • Lamborghini Performantes
  • Mercedes-Benz G63 / GLE 63S / AMG GTC
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS
  • Porsche Taycan Turbo S
Ultimate series
Price on request
  • Ford GT
  • Ferrari Pista
  • Rolls Royce Wraith / Ghost / Phantom
  • Roll Royce Cullinan
  • McLaren 765LT / Senna
  • Lamborghini STO / SV + SVJ

Media Packs


10 Professionally edited pictures
Price: $200

Photo + Video

10 Professionally edited pictures
40 sec cinematic video edit
(departure and arrival)
1 week turnaround
Price: $300


40 sec cinematic video edit
(departure and arrival)
Price: $200

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Very easy! Once we understand your requirements you will then pay a non refundable deposit to secure your booking. Remaining payment will be owed 1 day prior to booking.

  • Yes we are. We do Joy Rides for children of all ages.

  • We will make contact 24 hours prior to re confirm the booking with you again so you have peace of mind. On the day we will meet you at the location provided and you will have the best time ever!

  • We sure do. We will email you a PDF copy of the voucher so you can print in colour and put in a card to give to your loved one.

  • There are no refunds provided. However, we will reschedule free of charge for a new booking date. This is provided as a once off only. We are also happy for you to pass a credit over to someone you nominate. Please make contact via phone if you wish to know more about the cancellation and refund policy.

  • Depending on the type of booking, we will always reschedule free of charge for when its wonderful weather to ensure you have the best possible experience.

  • 100% we do!

  • Over 21 years of age.

  • Phone call is always the best so we can better assist you. We believe that this is a more personable and better experience. There is also a contact form online, text message or WhatsApp. We do not respond via Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

  • This is because we offer all types of booking requests. Photo shoots are the cheaper option as they are a static location. Please call and we will be happy to assist you over the phone.

  • Bank transfer and credit card.

  • We will contact you immediately to let you know and work out another car that we can provide that is equal in value. Very rarely, unforeseen circumstances arise and this may mean the car you booked is no longer available. We will do absolutely everything we can to ensure you are happy! And of course, we will refund you your deposit if we can not come to a resolution.

  • For most Birthday Joy rides and special occasions, we will meet you somewhere central to Perth. Leederville, Kings Park, South Perth and the likes. Example: We will meet you in a designated area where the car will be parked waiting for you to surprise the special person. We will then meet and greet you and take all the photos you like. After that, we will take your special person for the ride of their life. We have a lot of well mapped out routes to ensure they enjoy all aspects of their thrill ride. Once we arrive back you are welcome to take more photos to capture all the excitement over their face.

  • 💯 you can!! We always use our phone or your phone to take as many photos as you like before, during and after the ride.

  • This is a popular option if you are wanting professional photos / videos. Keep in
    Mind that with this option there will be less driving time as the car is more used in a static location as this can sometimes take the entire hour. However, please discuss requirements with us so we can ensure you get the most for your time. Please note the vehicle cost is still payable on top of the media cost.

Working with children check

Working With Children Accredited


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